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New REACH-IT now available


A new version of REACH-IT, the dossier submission and communication tool, is now available for companies to use.


Helsinki, 21 June 2016 – The new REACH-IT has been adapted to the IUCLID 6 format and from now on you can only submit dossiers created with IUCLID 6.

The new version is simpler to use and more intuitive, which particularly helps small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) registering their chemicals for the last REACH registration deadline of 31 May 2018. The support material can be accessed within the tool itself allowing you to get targeted help while using the tool.

ECHA has compiled an overview of the new functions and their impact into a new factsheet REACH-IT – what you need to know. You are encouraged to read this brief document before starting to use the updated version.

In addition, support web pages, manuals and relevant documents have been revised to reflect the changes. If you need further help or have any questions about the update, contact ECHA.


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