MSC opinions on ECHA's draft recommendations for the Authorisation List

The Member State Committee (MSC) adopts an opinion on the draft recommendation prepared by ECHA, taking into account the comments submitted during the public consultation.

ECHA considers the MSC’s opinion when finalising its recommendation before submitting it to the Commission for decision which priority substances to include in the Authorisation List (Annex XIV to REACH).

The MSC looks at the prioritisation results for the substances from the Candidate List for inclusion in the Authorisation List (Annex XIV), ECHA's draft recommendation and the comments provided for each substance suggested for future authorisation.

The MSC appoints a rapporteur, a co-rapporteur and a working group (when needed) to develop an opinion on the draft recommendation. The draft opinion is then finalised and adopted by the MSC.


MSC opinions on each of ECHA's draft recommendations

Date of adoption MSC Opinion
8 February 2023  
10 February 2021  
26 June 2019  
26 June 2019  (on amendment recommendation)
11 December 2017
13 September 2016
11 June 2015
12 December 2013
13 December 2012
19 December 2011
03 December 2010
20 May 2009