How to apply for authorisation

1. Find out whether you are affected by authorisation
Check whether your substance is on the Authorisation List and whether any exemptions apply to your uses.

2. Develop an application strategy
Communicate with your supply chain and develop a strategy on how best to proceed.

3. Start preparing your application
Find out what to include in your application and start preparing the necessary reports.

4. Notify ECHA and request a Teleconference based information session (TIS)
Let ECHA know of your intention to submit in advance and request a Teleconference based information session (TIS) to ask questions about the application process.

5. Finalise your application
Finalise the reports and prepare everything you need for submission.

6. Submit your application
Submit your application in one of the submission windows.

7. Engage during the opinion development
Follow your application's processing from consultation to the development of the Committees' opinions.

8. Fulfil your obligations after European Commission's decision
Make sure that you fulfil any obligations after the Commission's decision, such as implementing conditions or, if you are a downstream user, notifying ECHA of your use of the substance.

9. Submit a review report if you still need to use the substance
If you need to continue using the substance after the review period, you need to submit a review report at least 18 months before the end of the review period.