Planning and reporting

Implementation Plans

The Member States and the European Union are required to develop plans explaining how they are going to implement the obligations under the Stockholm Convention and make efforts to put such plans into operation. The National implementation plans (NIPs) are reviewed and updated on a periodic basis to reflect on the amendments to the Convention. The initial NIPs and the successive updates are published in the Stockholm Convention webpage.

Reports on the monitoring of the implementation

The Member States need to compile a report containing information on the monitoring of the implementation of the Regulation (EU) 2019/1021 of 20 June 2019 on persistent organic pollutants (POPs Regulation) as specified in its Article 13(1), and give the Commission and ECHA access to the information contained in it.

On the basis of the information submitted by the Member States, ECHA compiles and publishes a Union Overview report.

Member States need to update their national reports annually as far as new data or information is available and otherwise at least every three years. ECHA updates the Union Overview report regularly to incorporate the new information received by the Member States, or following receipt of a request from the Commission.

What is included in the reports?

  • Information on the manufacturing, placing on the market and use of POP substances and stockpiles.
  • Information on the application of the POPs Regulation, including enforcement activities, infringements and penalties.
  • Information on releases to the environment of unintentionally produced POPs
  • Information on the derogations granted by the Member States for the treatment of POP waste (Article 7(4)(b)(iv))
  • Information on the implementation of the POPs regulation in accordance with the national implementation plans

Union Overview Report

The Union Overview report has been prepared by ECHA in line with the requirements set out in Article 13(2) of the POPs regulation. The data contained in the Union Overview report pertains the period from 2019 onwards. Information from previous years is reported in accordance with Article 12 of the Regulation (EC) No 850/2004 in the form of synthesis reports. The links to the synthesis reports are available in the Union Overview.

Member State reports

The Member State Reports have been prepared in line with the requirements set out in Article 13(1) of the POPs regulation. Each individual Member State report is based on information collected by that Member State. ECHA accepts no responsibility, or liability of any kind for the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information provided in these individual reports. The reports are published by ECHA with the agreement of the Member State Competent Authorities that provided the information contained in the reports.

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