Market consultations

Topic Deadline
Oracle PeopleSoft consultancy providers
30 Oct 2020

Open calls for tenders

Call for Tender Deadline
Service Contract for Access to Database for Acquisition of Detailed Business Information
9 Nov 2020
Framework Contract for IT Services covering ECHA’s Bespoke Applications Sourcing Tiers
23 Nov 2020

Competitive procedure with negotiation

Call for Tender Deadline

Restricted calls for tenders

Call for Tender Deadline

Calls for expressions of interest

Call for Tender Deadline

Ex ante publicity notices for low and middle value procurements

For the purchase of services and goods with a value above €15 000 and below €144 000 ECHA uses negotiated procurement procedures.

Ex-ante publicity notices are published ahead of the procedure, in general for a period of not less than 10 calendar days, with basic information on the subject matter of the contract thus giving interested economic operators the possibility to express their interest to participate as candidate in the subsequent procurement procedure.

ECHA is currently using an e-tendering platform to publish its ex-ante publicity notices and handle the subsequent procurement procedures. For information on how to preview published notices, register and set monitoring services for ECHA’s ex-ante publicity notices see instructions to access ECHA notices.

Economic operators are strongly encouraged to register to the platform in order to be able to submit requests to participate, access Q&As and receive updates.

Please note that ex-ante publicity notices do not create any obligation for ECHA to launch a procurement procedure.

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