This page includes information on procurement related to the European Chemicals Agency's activities.

Ex ante publicity notices - prior information on low value procurement(<60 000 €) and middle value procurement (<135 000 €)

Consultancy services for supporting ECHA in improving the interpretation of Non-Extractable Residues (NERs) in degradation assessment (ECHA/2017/42)

Segmentation of potential SME market for ECHA cloud services for REACH registration (ECHA/2016/351) NEW -  deadline 07/11/2016

Consultancy services - for facilitating improvement in readability of ECHA's General Report (annual corporate report) and coaching the internal drafters to prepare the next General Report (ECHA/2016/239)

Feasibility study on implementing an EU Chemicals Legislation Finder (ECHA/2016/155)

Delivery and installation of movable walls partition system (ECHA/2016/176)

Assistance for selection of senior and middle management staff services (ECHA/2016/137)


Curation of systemic toxicity endpoint study records in the REACH registration database (ECHA/2016/71)


Consultancy services for facilitating the scientific discussions and the preparation of the scientific documentation of the 2016 Topical Scientific Workshop on new Approach Methodologies in Regulatory Science (ECHA/2015/335) 

Support for the Chesar 3 specifications development (ECHA/2015/294) NEW -  deadline 04/08/2015

Service Contract for supply, delivery and installation of the lease based Digital Signage System (ECHA/2015/298)

Supply contract for supply, delivery and installation of optic fibre cabling (ECHA/2015/257)

Services of a senior expert to aid the methodological development work related to socio-economic analysis (ECHA/2015/256)

Implementation of the enterprise wiki Confluence from Atlassian for knowledge management in a public administration (ECHA/2015/213)

Identification of information in ConsExpo for export into a Chesar based CSA (ECHA/2015/218)

Service Contract for Workplace Consultancy (ECHA/2015/170)

Service Contract for Building Engineering (ECHA/2015/162)

Service Contract to support to develop a training programme on Chesar

Service Contract for facilitating the scientific discussions and the preparation of the scientific documentation for the proceedings of the workshop on soil risk assessment ECHA/2015/133 

Service Contract for Intercultural Management Training for ECHA Internal Trainers/Consultants ECHA/2015/65 NEW -  deadline 01/03/2015