Opinions of the Member State Committee on ECHA’s draft CoRAP

The Member State Committee adopts an opinion on the draft Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) compiled by ECHA for substance evaluation. This opinion is the basis for ECHA to adopt the final CoRAP update.

The Committee looks at the selection criteria to prioritise substances for substance evaluation, ECHA's draft CoRAP and any ther information provided upon each substance suggested for evaluation.

The MSC appoints a rapporteur, a co-rapporteur and a working group (when needed) to develop an opinion on the draft CoRAP. The draft opinion is then finalised and adopted by the MSC.



Member State Committee's opinions on ECHA's annual CoRAP updates

Date of adoption MSC Opinion Annex
13 February 2024
7 February 2023
21 February 2022
10 February 2021
10 December 2019
6 February 2019
8 February 2018
8 February 2017
3 February 2016
4 February 2015
6 February 2014
13 June 2013
6 February 2013
9 February 2012