Parties to appeal proceedings are entitled to make an oral presentation during the procedure. Consequently, the Board of Appeal will hold a hearing if it considers this to be necessary or if the appellant or ECHA so requests. Parties may request a hearing within two weeks of being informed by the Registry of the Board of Appeal that the written part of the proceedings has been closed.

Hearings will be held in Helsinki at the offices of ECHA. However, the Board of Appeal also recommends that parties consider the possibility of using video-conferencing or similar technology (paragraph 93 of Practice Directions).

In general, hearings will be open to the public unless the Board of Appeal decides otherwise for serious reasons (for example confidential information will be discussed).

If you would like to attend one of the hearings listed below, please consult the Guidelines for members of the public wanting to attend a hearing before the Board of Appeal which contains information on how to enter a request to attend.


There are no available hearings.