The Board of Appeal

The Board of Appeal is responsible for deciding on appeals lodged against certain decisions of the Agency taken under the REACH Regulation and the Biocidal Products Regulation.

Although the Board of Appeal is part of the Agency, it will take its decisions independently.

The Board of Appeal consists of a Chairman and two members.


The role and tasks of the Registry of the Board of Appeal are:


The Registry assists the Board of Appeal in the exercise of its duties and is responsible for all documents and correspondence related to appeal proceedings.


The Registry of the Board of Appeal:

  • Develops procedural rules
  • Receives, registers, dispatches, safeguards and notifies procedural documents
  • Manages correspondence with parties and the public
  • Advises on the appeal procedure
  • Performs admissibility checks
  • Monitors deadlines and other procedural requirements
  • Organises hearings
  • Prepares and manages publications related to appeals and the appeal procedure
  • Organises translations and interpretations relating to appeals
  • Assists the Board of Appeal in its functions.

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