National Inspectorates - Romania

The system of Competent Authorities for REACH Regulation in Romania is represented by:

  • The Ministry of the Environment  (MM) – as coordinating authority
  • The National Environment Protection Agency  (NEPA) – for REACH implementation;
  • The National Environmental Guard (NEG) – for REACH enforcement.

For the REACH enforcement activity of NEG, there are protocols of collaboration with other national enforcement authorities:

  • State Sanitary Inspection;
  • National Labour Inspection;
  • National Customs Authority
  • National Authority for Consumer Protection
  • General Police Inspectorate

NEG also participates in European enforcement networks for chemicals (CLEEN) and for the environment (IMPEL).

Authorities responsible for REACH and CLP enforcement

  • The National Environmental Guard - The authority is responsible for the enforcement of duties relating to registration, authorization, restrictions and exchange of information.

Authorities responsible for Biocides enforcement

Description of the BPR enforcement authorities in Romania

Government Decision no. 617/2014 on establishment of institutional framework and of measures for enforcement of Regulation no. 528/2012 (Regulation) concerning the making available on the market and use of biocidal products provided the following aspects:

The Ministry of Health is assigned as competent authority for coordination of national-level measures required for enforcement of the Regulation.

The following entities are assigned as authorities responsible for performance of official controls on compliance with Regulation's requirements as per provisions of art. 65 para. (2) in Regulation, as shown below:

  1. Ministry of Health (State Sanitary Inspectorate) through public health directions;
  2. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change through the National Environmental Guard;
  3. National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority through its regional / Bucharest sanitary-veterinary and food safety directions.

Websites for enforcement authorities in Romania

  1. Ministry of Health – State Sanitary Inspectorate
  2. National Environmental Guard
  3. National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority
For more details please see Description of the BPR enforcement authorities in Romania [PDF].

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