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How to substitute?

Substituting substances is not necessarily a simple replacement of one chemical with another. You need to do your homework and there is no "one size fits all". Methods that work in one company may not work for your product or process. One approach you can use to address your substitution challenge is functional substitution, where you consider the specific function of the substance and how it could be met by alternatives in a broad sense – covering not only the substance itself but also aspects such as production techniques and product design. You may also need to try several alternatives before you find the best one. In your assessment, beyond the consideration of the hazard, exposure, technical performance and economic aspects, it is important to also look at wider effects, where these are relevant, such as energy and resource use, waste, recycling and socio-economic impacts. If you choose to develop a brand new product, consider an approach that takes into account safety and sustainability across its entire lifecycle. 


Don't forget to tell your customers and suppliers what you are doing, as your alternative may have implications for them, too. Why not publicise your substitution? It could help you to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Keep in mind that your clients are also aware of the new substances or processes you are using. They can then make sure the necessary information is passed on to their clients.



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