Real-life cases

Substitution is not always straightforward but as the examples demonstrate, the benefits can significantly outweigh the costs both for your consumers and your business. The information has been compiled in cooperation with ECHA's stakeholders. Linking to external websites should not be taken as an endorsement of any kind by ECHA. If you access another site through one of these links, you are subject to the privacy policy of that site. For further information about third party links, see ECHA's Legal Notice.




The edible modelling dough


"My concerns as a parent drove me to find a safe and fun alternative to modelling dough for my kids to play with - Why stop there? I wanted everyone to have access to such a product"

The American way 


"On one hand, it is important to evaluate whether there is a safer alternative, but on the other, you must consider how you can make it work for industry"



Safer products for consumers


"Consumers in Denmark are well educated about food and product safety. This translates to a strong demand for safer and cleaner products from their retailers"

Tools for the textile industry 


"Looking at the use of phthalates in PVC printing on textiles as an example, the function of the phthalate is to make the PVC plastic soft. If you only consider the function, you might find an alternative non-phthalate plasticiser."


Bye bye, PFC


"Finding alternatives which meet our high performance and quality standards as a sporting goods company is our biggest challenge,” says Mr Philipp Meister from the adidas Group.

Safer alternatives for bisphenol A


Credit card slips, bank receipts, logistics labels, cash register tickets or fax paper have something in common: bisphenol A or BPA.


Fighting fire with fluorine-free foams


“From the beginning of our existence, we were convinced of the negative impact of fluorine and focused our research into finding a good alternative without fluorinated derivatives.”

SUBSPORTplus – Database of case studies

SUBSPORTplus provides an overview of chemical and technological alternatives to hazardous chemicals. The alternatives to hazardous substances are presented in a database of case studies (languages: German and English). The case studies are meant to serve as source of inspiration and as information about feasible alternatives. The database is continuously updated and expanded.

If you are interested in placing your own useful alternative on SUBSPORTplus, please contact:
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