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ECHA provides an online form for downstream user report submission

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ECHA has created an easier way for downstream users to report their uses to the Agency.

Helsinki, 6 June 2012 – In certain cases downstream users need to report to ECHA if their uses of a registered substance are not covered by the exposure scenario provided by their supplier.

ECHA has developed an online form to make reporting on unsupported uses as easy as possible for downstream users. This replaces the current reporting method, which is based on IUCLID.

This form is accessed from the downstream user support pages in the ECHA website. Follow the link below or the "Support" tab on the home page. Information on when a downstream user report is required, and other useful information for downstream users, is provided on the "Regulations" section.

To complete this form, downstream users require a REACH-IT account number. This can be obtained by signing up with REACH-IT, if not already done.

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