List of substances with lead registrants available

List of substances with lead registrants available


ECHA has published a list of substances for which a lead registrant has been declared in REACH-IT. It includes the names of those lead registrant companies who have given their permission to publish. You can check the list to see which substances are being registered.

Helsinki, 28 September 2016 – The list includes around 7 000 substances that have an active lead registrant declared in REACH-IT (through the joint submissions functionality). It lists the substances by name and has information about their identifiers, registration type and whether or not the lead dossier has been submitted. The list is available in PDF and Excel formats.

If you are planning to register any of these substances, you can contact the lead registrant company and start negotiating to get access to the joint submission. If the lead registrant of your substance is not visible on the list, you can find their full contact details in REACH-IT. Keep in mind that, under REACH, all companies registering the same substance must be part of the same registration.

If your pre-registered substance does not yet have a declared lead registrant, you can consider becoming the lead and announcing it to your co-registrants on the pre-SIEF page in REACH-IT. To become a lead registrant, you will need the agreement of your co-registrants. Help to get started is available through phase 2 of the REACH 2018 Roadmap.

ECHA encourages all lead registrants to allow the publication of their names on ECHA’s website, so that their customers and other registrants of the same substance can make best use of the list. The list will be updated regularly as more information about substances and joint submissions becomes available.