Universe of registered substances

Companies have registered over 21 000 substances under REACH and submitted information about these substances to ECHA. REACH places obligations on industry to:

  • collect chemical safety information;
  • use this information to develop and apply appropriate risk management measures;
  • communicate these measures to users of chemicals; and lastly,
  • document this in registration dossiers submitted to ECHA.

The detail of the information submitted varies with the registered tonnage and the hazard profile.

ECHA has created a mapping tool of all registered substances called the chemical universe in which each substance is assigned to a pool indicative of the regulatory actions already initiated or under consideration for that substance. It also identifies those substances for which the need for suitable regulatory actions still needs to be determined.

The chemical universe helps national authorities as well as ECHA and the Commission to focus on substances of (potential) concern and identify appropriate regulatory actions. This is key for authorities to achieve the objectives of REACH and contribute to the 2020 goals of the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

ECHA’s goal is to conclude by the end of 2020 for all substances registered above 100 tonnes per year whether they are:

  • of priority for regulatory risk management;
  • currently of low priority for further regulatory action; or
  • need more data for a judgement to be made.

ECHA will draw similar conclusions for all remaining registered substances by the end of 2027.

IRS graph

Figure: Mapping of the REACH chemical universe. 

> 100 tonnes: Substances for which there is at least one registration under Article 10 of REACH registering at a tonnage above 100 tonnes per year. 
< 100 tonnes: Substances for which there is at least one registration under Article 10 of REACH registering at a tonnage between 1 and 100 tonnes per year, and for which there are no registrations registering at a tonnage above 100 tonnes per year under Article 10 of REACH. Included are also all substances previously notified as NONS, and for which there are no registrations under Article 10 of REACH.
Intermediates: Substances which are solely registered for intermediate use under Articles 17 or 18 of REACH.

The chemical universe is based on a snapshot of ECHA’s database from August 2019. The pool assignment may have changed for some substances since then, due to e.g. started or completed regulatory actions. Check the latest information in each substance’s infocard.

More information about the pools is available on How does the chemical universe mapping work?

You can download an Excel list of all REACH registered substances by accepting the disclaimer and clicking on the link below. The list indicates which pool the substances were assigned to and contains a direct link to the infocard of each substance.

Disclaimer: The assignment of individual substances to the regulatory pools is based on the currently available information on past, ongoing or planned regulatory actions. The assignment to pools is automatically generated. Despite ECHA’s best efforts to avoid mistakes, the Chemical Universe is not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate, or up to date. ECHA provides the chemical universe mapping for information only. The publication of the chemical universe does not relate to any regulatory procedure set out by REACH. More specifically, it is not a condition set out for the compliance check of dossiers or the adoption of risk management measures. Similarly, the information published on the chemical universe must not be relied upon to conclude whether a substance is hazardous or can be used safely. Authorities retain the right to initiate any regulatory action on a substance regardless of what is indicated in the chemical universe.

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Download the list of REACH registered substances divided in pools [XLS][EN] 

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