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5% Compliance checks of the 2010 registration dossiers

ECHA has checked 5% of the 2010 registration dossiers for compliance.

5% Compliance checks of the 2010 registration dossiers

In 2009, ECHA committed itself to achieving, by the end of 2013, the 5% minimum compliance check (CCH) target for the dossiers from the 2010 deadline. The requirement of 5% compliance checks is outlined in REACH as necessary for instilling confidence in the compliance of registrations. It also serves to make sure that both the general public and stakeholders remain confident that the duties are being met. 

A list of 19 772 registrations (covering approximately 2 700 unique substances) provides the baseline against which the 5% CCH target (989 CCHs) by the end of 2013 is calculated.

ECHA has concluded on 1130 compliance checks (321 overall CCHs and 809 targeted CCHs).

The CCH strategy for meeting the 5% target by the end of 2013 is based on three key points:

  1. The focus was on the dossiers in the two highest tonnage bands;
  2. ECHA performed both overall and targeted checks on dossiers (approximately at a 30:70 ratio), with the focus on endpoints most relevant for safe use;
  3. ECHA checked both lead and member dossiers

The concluded CCHs have addressed 957 unique substances. ECHA has therefore concluded an overall or targeted CCH on approximately 35% of the 2010 phase-in substances.

This is much more than originally planned. 

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