Controle op technische volledigheid

Controle op technische volledigheid

ECHA carries out a technical completeness check on each incoming registration and PPORD notification as set out in Article 20(2) of the REACH Regulation. This is done to ensure that the dossiers include all the information that is required. The quality or adequacy of the provided data or justifications are not assessed as part of the completeness check.

Completeness checks are performed both on new registrations and updates of existing registrations. All the information in a dossier is checked, whether it is newly submitted or already part of the previous submission. The completeness check can only be successful if all the information in the dossier is complete.

Validation assistant

As a registrant, you can use the IUCLID Validation assistant to simulate the completeness check on your IUCLID dossiers before submitting them to ECHA. The Validation assistant can only predict the outcome of the computer-based part of the completeness check.

Manual verification

Since 2016, completeness checks also include manual verification which means that ECHA checks certain elements of the registration dossier that cannot be checked automatically. The outcome of the manual verification cannot be predicted with the IUCLID Validation assistant. PPORD notifications are not manually checked.

Failures and rejections

If your first submission fails the technical completeness check, you will get four months to correct the information. If your second submission is also incomplete, or you fail to resubmit by the four-month deadline, your submission will be rejected and the data will not be included in ECHA’s databases.

Controle op technische volledigheid

IUCLID is the software to record, store, maintain and exchange data on intrinsic and hazardous properties of chemical substances. You need to use the IUCLID format to submit your data to ECHA. ECHA provides the software free-of-charge on the IUCLID 6 website. ECHA co-develops the IUCLID software with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
REACH-IT is the central IT system for industry to securely submit and follow up the progress of their registrations and notifications. It is also the main tool for Member State competent authorities and ECHA to process and manage data and dossiers.