Soumettre un rapport d'utilisateur en aval concernant des utilisations non couvertes

There are two ways to submit a downstream user report to ECHA for any unsupported uses, via REACH-IT. If you wish to submit a downstream user report for classification differences via REACH-IT then follow the link on the right hand side.

Submitting your downstream user report

Before submission, there are two possibilities to prepare your report:

  • Preparing your report online in REACH-IT

This method is recommended for all report submitters, especially those who are not familiar with IUCLID

  • Preparing and uploading a IUCLID dossier to REACH-IT

This method is recommended for downstream users who are already users of IUCLID and who want to maintain their report records in the REACH-IT system.

  • Read the Manual: How to prepare a downstream user report for a detailed description of how to prepare the report using IUCLID and to submit it via REACH-IT.

A brief general description of the conditions of use should be submitted together the IUCLID dossier. An optional template for providing information on the conditions of use is available.

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