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Workshop on Substance Brief Profiles

6 November 2014 | Helsinki

The aim of this workshop was to review the progress made during 2014, provide an overview of recent improvements made to the dissemination website and discuss future developments.


The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) hosted a workshop with the purpose of reviewing the progress made with the development of InfoCards and Brief Profiles (ICBP), provide an overview of the improvements made to the dissemination website and discuss future developments concerning dissemination. The workshop enabled various user groups with different perspectives and needs to have focused discussions on how to design useful and user-friendly access to substance information for the use of EU citizens.





Presentation [PDF] Speaker
Welcome and introduction Mike Rasenberg, Tiago Pedrosa, ECHA
Stakeholders consultations on infocards and brief profiles Janne Kilpinen, Tiago Pedrosa, ECHA
Promoting data quality through dialogue Panja Lehtonen, ECHA
Break-out groups feedback Anna-Maria Zellermann (BAuA), Adriana Jalba (Cefic)
ECHA dissemination website: latest developments Maurizio Roncaccia, ECHA
Brief profiles next steps Eoin Brennan, ECHA
Wrap-up and final conclusions Tiago Pedrosa, ECHA



The formal invitations were sent to Accredited Stakeholder Organisations and Member State Competent Authorities.


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