Reminder to companies of obligations for substances and mixtures coming into effect from 1 December 2012

CORRIGENDA 7 December 2012

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Helsinki, 29 November 2012 – Companies must label and package all hazardous substances according to the CLP Regulation and update their SDSs for substances and mixtures to comply with the amendments of the REACH Regulation by 1 December 2012. 
Concerning substances, companies must re-label and re-package in accordance with the CLP Regulation all substances that are currently labelled and packaged according to the Dangerous Substances Directive (DSD, directive 67/548/EEC). However, all hazardous substances must continue to be classified in accordance with both the CLP Regulation and the Dangerous Substances Directive until 1 June 2015, after which only the CLP classification applies. 
In addition, companies must update the SDSs of substances and mixtures according to the amended Annex II of the REACH Regulation, also from 1 December 2012. This update will include changes in format and content. Changes with respect to classification, labelling and packaging of mixtures in accordance with CLP are required by 1 December 2015 1 June 2015
Companies should ensure that they comply fully with the new requirements. 

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