National Inspectorates - Cyprus

Authorities responsible for REACH, CLP, PIC and POP enforcement

The Department of Labour Inspection of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance is the authority responsible for the enforcement in Cyprus of the European Regulations REACH, CLP, PIC and POPs. The Chemical Substances Sector within the Department deals with issues related to the monitoring and control of dangerous chemical products, which are manufactured, imported, exported, used and placed on the Cyprus market. The Sector aims to safeguard the safety and health of those who manage, place on the market or use dangerous chemical substances and mixtures in their working and domestic environment and to protect the environment. In addition, the Department of Labour Inspection is the competent authority for the enforcement of the Health and Safety at work legislation and in this capacity is enforcing the Chemicals Agents at work directive. Better enforcement of the four above European Regulations in Cyprus is achieved through the Chemical Substances Law.

The Department of Labour Inspection is also the Competent Authority for the above four regulations and runs the corresponding Helpdesks.

Authorities responsible for Biocides enforcement

The Cyprus Competent Authority for the enforcement of the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) is the Plant Protection Products and Biocides Board. The Board has authorized the Department of Agriculture to act on its behalf as the enforcement Authority in Cyprus.

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