EU. Pregnant Women Protection (92/85)

This list contains substances to which pregnant workers and workers who have recently given birth or are breastfeeding may not be exposed. This is only a partial list; employers are obliged to prevent the exposure of these workers to any agents that may cause adverse health effect for either mother or child. This list is generated from hazardous substances listed in Directive 92/85/EEC and from table 3.2 of Annex VI of the CLP.

Pitch, coal tar, high-temp.

The residue from the distillation of high temperature coal tar. A black solid with an approximate softening point from 30°C to 180°C (86°F to 356°F). Composed primarily of a complex mixture of three or more membered condensed ring aromatic hydrocarbons. EC / List no: 266-028-2 CAS no: 65996-93-2
CLP (1272/2008) CMRs
Carc. 1A; Muta. 1B; Repr. 1B
ECCAR Directive 2004/37/EC

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