Occupational Exposure Limits - 3rd list - Indicative OELVs

The Community indicative occupational exposure limit values are established as implementation of Council Directive 98/24/EC. In the Annex to Directive 2000/39/EC, the reference to phenol is deleted and the new limit values are included in this Directive. The Directive establishes values for a reference period of eight-hours time weighted average and also for a short term period of 15 minutes for 18 chemical agents.

Hydrogen sulphide

EC / List no: 231-977-3 CAS no: 7783-06-4
Long-term Exposure Limit (LTEL) Values mg/m3
7 mg/m3
5 ppm
Short-term Exposure Limit (STEL) Values mg/m3
14 mg/m3
10 ppm

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