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Substances restricted under REACH

Substances restricted under REACH

The table below is the Annex XVII to REACH and includes all the restrictions adopted in the framework of REACH and the previous legislation, Directive 76/769/EEC. Each entry shows a substance or a group of substances or a substance in a mixture, and the consequent restriction conditions. The latest consolidated version of REACH presents the restrictions adopted until the date of publication. Subsequent changes are included in the amending Commission regulations.



Further information on the table

The restricted substances (on their own, in a mixture or in an article) are substances for which manufacture, placing on the market or use is limited or banned in the European Union.

The table has been prepared by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to facilitate the searching of restricted substances in the Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation, and the table provides additional information related to the specific restriction entry.

The table contains:

  • Name: the name as given in column 1 of Annex XVII of each entry. In certain cases a group name is not available and the entry number is used instead;
  • EC and CAS numbers; please note that not all the entries in Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation have these numbers. Note also that if it is a group entry, the EC and CAS numbers are under the group member information;
  • Conditions: a document prepared by ECHA that includes the conditions of the restriction according to the latest updated consolidated version of Annex XVII to REACH Regulation. The document also contains the subsequent amendment(s) after the publishing of the consolidated version of REACH;
  • Appendices: links to appendices that concern only certain entries. Please note that searching with CAS or EC numbers is not yet possible for substances restricted under Appendices 1-6 (CMR substances);
  • Standards: links providing information on standards, where available  (links to the CEN search engine for the European standards, or to the international standards' pages);
  • History: links to the original restriction and subsequent amendments;
  • Q&A: the relevant question(s) and answers related to the restriction entry. Please note that the list of Questions and Answers on Restrictions contains also general Q&As, which are not entry specific.

Group members: if there is an entry which concerns several substances (i.e. group entry); the substances within the group entry are described as ‘Group members' and listed in the table. These members are either explicitly mentioned in the specific restriction entry, or they are identified by ECHA in case the entry is of general nature (like cadmium and its compounds). Note that this identification is not yet ready for all entries.

Note that some entries have been deleted from the table:

Regulation (EU) No 552/2009: entries 33 and 39 have been deleted (substances severely restricted under Regulation (EC) No 2037/2000 – substances that deplete the ozone layer).

Regulation (EU) No 207/2011: entries 44 and 53 have been are deleted (substances severely restricted under Regulation (EU) No 850/2004 – substances as persistent organic pollutants).

Regulation (EU) No 126/2013: entry 42 has been deleted (substances severely restricted under Regulation (EU) No 519/2012 amending Regulation (EC) No 850/2004 – substances as persistent organic pollutants).

Arsenic compounds

EC No.: - CAS No.: -
Entry no.

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Group members
This group of substance has the following member substances:
Name EC / List no. CAS no. Association
Roxarsone 204-453-7 121-19-7 Expert judgement
Sodium dimethylarsinate 204-708-2 124-65-2 Expert judgement
6,6'-dihydroxy-3,3'-diarsene-1,2-diyldianilinium dichloride 205-386-6 139-93-5 Expert judgement
Oxophenarsine 206-178-8 306-12-7 Expert judgement
Tritylium hexafluoroarsenate 207-111-5 437-15-0 Expert judgement
Neoarsphenamine 207-273-7 457-60-3 Expert judgement
Gallium arsenide 215-114-8 1303-00-0 Expert judgement
Indium arsenide 215-115-3 1303-11-3 Expert judgement
Diarsenic pentaoxide 215-116-9 1303-28-2 Expert judgement
Arsenic sulfide 215-117-4 1303-33-9 Expert judgement
Diarsenic triselenide 215-119-5 1303-36-2 Expert judgement
Diarsenic trioxide 215-481-4 1327-53-3 Expert judgement
Triethyl arsenite 221-543-1 3141-12-6 Expert judgement
Trilead diarsenate 222-979-5 3687-31-8 Expert judgement
Disodium 4-[(o-arsonophenyl)azo]-3-hydroxynaphthalene-2,7-disulphonate 222-993-1 3688-92-4 Expert judgement
Oxophenarsine hydrochloride 208-682-3 538-03-4 Expert judgement
Tris[(8α,9R)-6'-methoxycinchonan-9-ol] bis(arsenate) 208-971-4 549-59-7 Expert judgement
Sulfarsphenamine 210-564-1 618-82-6 Expert judgement
Phenylarsine oxide 211-275-3 637-03-6 Expert judgement
Dimethylarsinic acid 200-883-4 75-60-5 Expert judgement
Tristrontium diarsenide 254-407-5 39297-24-0 Expert judgement
Triphenylsulphonium hexafluoroarsenate(1-) 261-009-5 57900-42-2 Expert judgement
Zirconium arsenide 262-524-8 60909-47-9 Expert judgement
Trimanganese arsenide 262-667-6 61219-26-9 Expert judgement
Disodium 3,6-bis[(o-arsonophenyl)azo]-4,5-dihydroxynaphthalene-2,7-disulphonate 263-516-7 62337-00-2 Expert judgement
Diphenyliodonium hexafluoroarsenate 263-638-0 62613-15-4 Expert judgement
4-(ethylamino)-2-methylbenzenediazonium hexafluoroarsenate 264-026-6 63217-32-3 Expert judgement
4-(diethylamino)-2-ethoxybenzenediazonium hexafluoroarsenate 264-027-1 63217-33-4 Expert judgement
Antimony arsenic oxide 264-904-9 64475-90-7 Expert judgement
Arsenic bromide 265-296-8 64973-06-4 Expert judgement
Cobalt arsenide 265-784-0 65453-05-6 Expert judgement
Tris(pentane-2,4-dionato-O,O')silicon hexafluoroarsenate 266-621-6 67251-38-1 Expert judgement
Slimes and Sludges, copper refining
A complex combination resulting from copper processing---other than electrolytic.
266-977-2 67712-00-9 Expert judgement
Silicic acid (H4SiO4), zinc salt (1:2), arsenic and manganese-doped 271-895-5 68611-46-1 Expert judgement
Bis(pentane-2,4-dionato-O,O')boron(1+) hexafluoroarsenate(1-) 272-591-5 68892-01-3 Expert judgement
Antimony oxide (Sb2O3), mixed with arsenic oxide (As2O3) 273-156-2 68951-38-2 Expert judgement
Lead alloy, base, dross
A scum formed on the surface of molten lead-base alloys. Includes those cases in which aluminum is used to remove arsenic, nickel and antimony.
273-700-9 69011-59-2 Expert judgement
Lead, antimonial, dross
A scum formed on the surface of antimonial lead. Consists primarily of sodium arsenate and sodium antimonate with some lead oxide and free caustic soda.
273-795-7 69029-51-2 Expert judgement
Flue dust, lead-refining
By-product of refining lead ores obtained from baghouse and electro-static precipitator and as slurry from scrubbers.
273-809-1 69029-67-0 Expert judgement
Disilver arsenide 274-573-2 70333-07-2 Expert judgement
Diphenyldiarsenic acid 224-845-1 4519-32-8 Expert judgement
Arsenic 231-148-6 7440-38-2 Expert judgement
Arsenic acid, sodium salt 231-547-5 7631-89-2 Expert judgement
Arsenic acid 231-901-9 7778-39-4 Expert judgement
Disodium hydrogenarsenate 231-902-4 7778-43-0 Expert judgement
Calcium arsenate 231-904-5 7778-44-1 Expert judgement
Trisilver arsenite 232-048-5 7784-08-9 Expert judgement
Arsenic tribromide 232-057-4 7784-33-0 Expert judgement
Arsenic trichloride 232-059-5 7784-34-1 Expert judgement
Trifluoroarsine 232-060-0 7784-35-2 Expert judgement
Pentafluoroarsorane 232-061-6 7784-36-3 Expert judgement
Mercury hydrogenarsenate 232-062-1 7784-37-4 Expert judgement
Manganese hydrogenarsenate 232-063-7 7784-38-5 Expert judgement
Lead hydrogen arsenate 232-064-2 7784-40-9 Expert judgement
Potassium dihydrogenarsenate 232-065-8 7784-41-0 Expert judgement
Diammonium hydrogenarsenate 232-067-9 7784-44-3 Expert judgement
Arsenic triiodide 232-068-4 7784-45-4 Expert judgement
Sodium dioxoarsenate 232-070-5 7784-46-5 Expert judgement
Pentahydroxyarsorane 232-096-7 7786-36-9 Expert judgement
Flue dust, arsenic-contg.
Formed when arsenic and metal oxide particles are driven off during the roasting and converting of copper concentrates and matte in the production of anode copper.
232-434-3 8028-73-7 Expert judgement
Lead arsenite 233-083-9 10031-13-7 Expert judgement
Iron arsenate 233-274-7 10102-49-5 Expert judgement
Iron bis(arsenate) 233-275-2 10102-50-8 Expert judgement
Arsenic acid, magnesium salt 233-285-7 10103-50-1 Expert judgement
Arsenic acid, copper salt 233-286-2 10103-61-4 Expert judgement
Arsenic acid, calcium salt 233-287-8 10103-62-5 Expert judgement
Strychnine arsenate 233-970-0 10476-82-1 Expert judgement
Tricopper arsenide 234-472-6 12005-75-3 Expert judgement
Dysprosium arsenide 234-473-1 12005-81-1 Expert judgement
Diiron arsenide 234-474-7 12005-88-8 Expert judgement
Gadolinium arsenide 234-475-2 12005-89-9 Expert judgement
Holmium arsenide 234-476-8 12005-92-4 Expert judgement
Lutetium arsenide 234-477-3 12005-94-6 Expert judgement
Manganese arsenide 234-478-9 12005-95-7 Expert judgement
Terbium arsenide 234-479-4 12006-08-5 Expert judgement
Thallium arsenide 234-481-5 12006-09-6 Expert judgement
Thulium arsenide 234-482-0 12006-10-9 Expert judgement
Ytterbium arsenide 234-483-6 12006-12-1 Expert judgement
Iron diarsenide 234-485-7 12006-21-2 Expert judgement
Trizinc diarsenide 234-486-2 12006-40-5 Expert judgement
Iron arsenide 234-947-8 12044-16-5 Expert judgement
Digallium arsenide phosphide 234-948-3 12044-20-1 Expert judgement
Tripotassium arsenide 234-949-9 12044-21-2 Expert judgement
Trilithium arsenide 234-950-4 12044-22-3 Expert judgement
Trisodium arsenide 234-952-5 12044-25-6 Expert judgement
Praseodymium arsenide 234-953-0 12044-28-9 Expert judgement
Trimagnesium diarsenide 234-954-6 12044-49-4 Expert judgement
Diarsenic tritelluride 234-955-1 12044-54-1 Expert judgement
Zinc diarsenide 234-956-7 12044-55-2 Expert judgement
Nickel diarsenide 235-103-1 12068-61-0 Expert judgement
Dichromium arsenide 235-499-6 12254-85-2 Expert judgement
Erbium arsenide 235-501-5 12254-88-5 Expert judgement
Lanthanum arsenide 235-502-0 12255-04-8 Expert judgement
Niobium arsenide 235-503-6 12255-08-2 Expert judgement
Neodymium arsenide 235-504-1 12255-09-3 Expert judgement
Triantimony arsenide 235-505-7 12255-36-6 Expert judgement
Samarium arsenide 235-506-2 12255-39-9 Expert judgement
Yttrium arsenide 235-507-8 12255-48-0 Expert judgement
Tribarium diarsenide 235-508-3 12255-50-4 Expert judgement
Tricalcium diarsenide 235-509-9 12255-53-7 Expert judgement
Germanium arsenide 235-547-6 12271-72-6 Expert judgement
Trisilver arsenide 235-652-7 12417-99-1 Expert judgement
Arsenic sulfide 235-720-6 12612-21-4 Expert judgement
Ammonium dihydrogenarsenate 236-667-1 13462-93-6 Expert judgement
Potassium arsenite 236-680-2 13464-35-2 Expert judgement
Trisodium arsenite 236-681-8 13464-37-4 Expert judgement
Trisodium arsenate 236-682-3 13464-38-5 Expert judgement
Zinc arsenate 236-683-9 13464-44-3 Expert judgement
Tristrontium diarsenate 236-684-4 13464-68-1 Expert judgement
Tribarium diarsenate 236-762-8 13477-04-8 Expert judgement
Trinickel bis(arsenate) 236-771-7 13477-70-8 Expert judgement
Trilithium arsenate 236-773-8 13478-14-3 Expert judgement
Trisilver arsenate 236-841-7 13510-44-6 Expert judgement
Sodium metaarsenate 239-171-3 15120-17-9 Expert judgement
Copper diarsenite 240-574-1 16509-22-1 Expert judgement
Potassium hexafluoroarsenate 241-102-7 17029-22-0 Expert judgement
Hydrogen hexafluoroarsenate 241-128-9 17068-85-8 Expert judgement
N-(p-arsenosophenyl)-1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triamine 244-612-8 21840-08-4 Expert judgement
Aluminium arsenide 245-255-0 22831-42-1 Expert judgement
Triammonium arsenate 246-428-3 24719-13-9 Expert judgement
Tricobalt diarsenate 246-429-9 24719-19-5 Expert judgement
Cobalt arsenide 248-168-6 27016-73-5 Expert judgement
Nickel arsenide 248-169-1 27016-75-7 Expert judgement
Tricalcium diarsenite 248-266-9 27152-57-4 Expert judgement
3-methyl-4-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)benzenediazonium hexafluoroarsenate 248-532-4 27569-09-1 Expert judgement
Antimony arsenate 249-347-1 28980-47-4 Expert judgement
Arsenic acid, copper(2+) salt 249-916-4 29871-13-4 Expert judgement
Lithium hexafluoroarsenate 249-963-0 29935-35-1 Expert judgement
Ammonium copper arsenate 251-151-6 32680-29-8 Expert judgement
Europium arsenide 251-206-4 32775-46-5 Expert judgement
Thallium triarsenide 281-902-3 84057-85-2 Expert judgement
2,6-dimethyl-4-(1-naphthyl)pyrylium hexafluoroarsenate 282-682-1 84282-36-0 Expert judgement
2,6-dimethyl-4-phenylpyrylium hexafluoroarsenate 282-700-8 84304-15-4 Expert judgement
4-cyclohexyl-2,6-dimethylpyrylium hexafluoroarsenate 282-701-3 84304-16-5 Expert judgement
Tris[(8α)-6'-methoxycinchonan-9(R)-ol] arsenite 303-002-2 94138-87-1 Expert judgement
Gallium zinc triarsenide 308-577-3 98106-56-0 Expert judgement
Vanadium(4+) diarsenate (1:1) 308-917-0 99035-51-5 Expert judgement
Strychnidin-10-one, arsenite (1:1) 309-388-9 100258-44-4 Expert judgement
Slimes and Sludges, copper electrolytic refining, decopperized, arsenic-rich
Product obtained by centrifuging the slime discharged at the bases of cells for decopperization of electrolytic copper solutions. Composed primarily of a copper powder rich in arsenic.
309-772-6 100995-81-1 Expert judgement
Arsenic acid (H3AsO4), magnesium salt, manganese-doped 310-019-9 102110-21-4 Expert judgement
Slimes and Sludges, copper-lead ore roasting off gas scrubbing, arsenic-contg.
The product obtained by the purification of copper-lead ore concentrate roasting offgas. Composed primarily of arsenic oxide (As2O3).
310-063-9 102110-62-3 Expert judgement
Sodium hexafluoroarsenate(V) 624-772-9 12005-86-6 Expert judgement
Sodium arsenate dibasic heptahydrate 677-900-0 10048-95-0 Expert judgement
Sodium cacodylate trihydrate 682-793-9 6131-99-3 Expert judgement

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