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ECHA CHEM - main

ECHA CHEM is ECHA’s new public chemicals database launched in early 2024. Initially, it includes data that companies have submitted in their REACH registrations. Over the coming years, ECHA will gradually transfer the data it makes publicly available from their current location (Search for chemicals) to ECHA CHEM. 

During the transition, users may need to consult both ECHA CHEM and the former platform. As a support during this transition, on this web page we will be compiling practical information about the progressive transfer to ECHA CHEM. You can find here the latest information on past and upcoming ECHA CHEM releases, different types of support documentation such as webinars and Q&As, as well as a simple tutorial that helps you determine where you can find the information you are looking for.


ECHA CHEM will be incrementally developed. Click the timeline below for the main releases, their features as well as the known issues. The information will be updated as we progress.

ECHA CHEM - infograph