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SME registrants: check your company size

If your company is micro, small or medium-sized, check that you have claimed your company size correctly when registering your substance in REACH-IT. If you notice that it was declared incorrectly, you must inform ECHA to avoid paying an administrative fee. 

Helsinki, 30 August 2023 - If you notice that you have reported your company size incorrectly, inform us at: sme-verification(at) by 25 September 2023. You must also upload the documents supporting your claim in REACH-IT.

We are continually initiating new verifications on the size of companies who have declared they are an SME at the time of their REACH registration.

By declaring and correcting your company size before we begin verifying it, you will not have to pay the administrative charge, but only the difference to the correct registration fee.

If during the verification process it is discovered that your company size was claimed incorrectly, you will have to pay the difference to the correct fee and an administrative charge of up to EUR 19 900. Information on how to determine and declare your company size correctly is available on ECHA’s website.

Remember to check your REACH-IT accounts for new messages and tasks regularly and keep your registrations and contact details up to date.