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List of active substances in the Review Programme updated

Corrigenda: 21 June 2017


The list of biocidal active substances to be evaluated by Member States has been updated. Substances no longer supported in the Review Programme must be phased out by 4 November 2017. 

Helsinki, 27 April 2017 – The updated Annex II to the Review Programme Regulation includes a list of the active substances that companies have requested to get approved for a specific product-type. 

If a substance is on the list for your product-type, your product can stay on the EU market while you wait for the substance to be approved.

If a substance is no longer included in the Review Programme for your specific use, it means that no company has expressed an interest in keeping it there or the notification has not fulfilled the requirements. The European Commission has adopted a non-approval decision for these substances. According to the decision, the substances can no longer be made available on the EU market after 4 November 2017 and no longer used after 4 May April 2018.

These phase-out dates are determined by national laws (in accordance with Article 89(2) of the Biocidal Products Regulation). This means that the Member States have discretion to have a shorter phase-out period. Contact the Member State where you are on the market to inquire further.

The European Commission updated the Review Programme Regulation in February. The regulation will enter into force on 9 May 2017.



Active substances need to be approved before an authorisation for a biocidal product using them can be granted in the EU. The Review Programme Regulation sets the rules for the evaluation of existing active substances by Member States. The evaluation work is expected to be completed by 2024. 

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