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22 hazardous chemicals added to EU regulation on imports and exports
Exporters of the substances now have to notify their designated national authority before exporting them. In most cases, consent from the importing country is also needed. In addition, exports from the EU of a series of mercury-containing articles, such as fluorescent lamps, have also been banned.
Restriction and authorisation found to drive replacement of harmful chemicals

Replacing harmful chemicals with safer alternatives and greener technologies is strongly driven by regulation, with companies reporting that restrictions and authorisation are their main drivers for substitution. Companies are also motivated by customer demand and their own sustainability policies, with ECHA’s substitution strategy also indirectly boosting substitution activities.

EU inspectors to check consumer products for hazardous substances

The Enforcement Forum agreed that its major enforcement project planned for 2022 (REF-10) will focus on integrated checks of products that control several duties from different pieces of legislation – mostly related to articles, but also to mixtures. Most of the products are expected to be consumer products.


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Consultazioni su progetto di parere del SEAC: 2
  • Data d'inizio: 24/06/2020
  • Scadenza: 24/08/2020
Consultazioni su progetto di parere del SEAC: 1
  • Data d'inizio: 01/07/2020
  • Scadenza: 01/09/2020
Proposte di restrizioni: 1
  • Data d'inizio: 25/03/2020
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Proposte di sperimentazione
Proposte di sperimentazione: 39
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Classificazione ed etichettatura armonizzate
Proposte di CLH: 2
  • Data d'inizio: 22/06/2020
  • Scadenza: 21/08/2020
Proposte di CLH: 5
  • Data d'inizio: 03/08/2020
  • Scadenza: 02/10/2020
Harmonised classification and labelling targeted consultations
CLH proposals: 1
  • Start date: 13/07/2020
  • Deadline: 10/08/2020
CLH proposals: 2
  • Start date: 03/08/2020
  • Deadline: 07/09/2020


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