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PBT assessment: overall result

BMS 587172-01
Type of composition:
legal entity composition of the substance
State / form:
solid: particulate/powder
Reference substance:
BMS 587172-01
PBT status:
the substance is handled as if it were a PBT/vPvB

BMS 587172 -01 is not readily biodegradable attaining 14% biodegradation after 28 days and therefore cannot be considered to be readily biodegradable under the strict terms and conditions of OECD Guideline No. 301B. A Log Kow of 4.75 was determined thereby fulfilling the intial screening criteria for B/vB. No further information is currently available on bioaccumulation.

There is no toxicity below 0.01 mg/L in the three-acute aquatic toxicity study however all test was completed up to their limit of solubility for the individual tests. The Daphnia Magna acute study resulted in a value of 0.2 mg/l which was just below the limit of water solubility based on mean measured value. No further data is available. 

Likely routes of exposure:

BMS 587172 -01 is used as pharmaceutical intermendiate and exposure to the environment is expected to be limited as all waste is collected and incinerated.