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PBT assessment: overall result

Ethylene dinitrate
Type of composition:
legal entity composition of the substance
State / form:
Reference substance:
Ethylene dinitrate
PBT status:
the substance is not PBT / vPvB

The PBT Assessment for ethylene glycol  dinitrate (EGDN, CAS No. 628-96-6) applied a weight of evidence approach that incorporated recent testing data and QSAR model predictions for EGDN, as well as empirical data for nitroglycerine (NG; CAS No. 55 -63-0), which was applied to EGDN using read-across. The PBT conclusions are as follows:

- Not P (based QSAR and read-across from NG);

Not B ((based on QSAR); and,

- Not T (based on empirical testing and read-across from NG).