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Preferred Physical and Chemical Properties of Bisphenol A

Molecular Weight: 228.28 g/mol

Appearance/physical state/colour: Bisphenol A is a while solid at environmentally relevant temperatures

Melting Point: 155 °C

Boiling Point at 17 hPa: 250 - 252 °C (with potential decomposition), Boiling Point at 1013 hPa: 360 °C (with decomposition)

Density: 1.2 g/cm3 at 25 °C

Vapour Pressure: 4.12E-09 hPa at 25 °C

Log Kow: 3.4 at 21.5 °C and pH 6.4

Water Solubility: 300 mg/L at 25 °C

Flash point: 227 °C at 1013 hPa

Auto-ignition temperature: 510 °C at 1013 hPa (decomposition starts at lower temperatures)

Stability: Stable. Not self-heating and not corrosive to metals

pKa: 11.3

Bisphenol A is a white solid melting at 155 °C and boiling at 360 °C under decomposition. With a moderate water solubility of 300 mg/L and log Kow of 3.4, Bisphenol A is expected to adsorb somewhat to soil and sediment and not migrate through groundwater. With a pKa of 11.3, Bisphenol A is not expected to significantly dissociate in water at environmentally relevant pH values (5 to 8).