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Conclusion on classification

OECD 203: The 96 h LC50 value for fish was 0.8 mg/L.

OECD 202: The 48 hours analytical EC50 to Daphnia magna is 0.27 mg/L.

OECD 201: The 72 hours EC50-value to Desmodesmus subspicatus was calculated to be 0.4 mg/L and the 72 -h NOEC was 0.07 mg/L based on growth rate.

OECD 301F: not readily biodegradable

The most sensitive species is to be considered for classification of the test test item. Based on the 48h-EC50 value to Daphnia magna of 0.27 mg/L, the test item is classified for acute aquatic category 1 and chronic aquatic category 1.