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the substance is not PBT / vPvB

FAT45176 has been tested for biodegradability and bioaccumulation potential (logPOW) and has been shown not to fulfill the screening criteria for P/vP or B/vB. While chronic aquatic toxicity data are not available, FAT45176 is not considered toxic based on consideration of the acute aquatic toxicity data (including results of studies in fish, daphnia and algae), which do not fulfill the screening criteria for toxicity based on the EC50 values of these studies. No toxicity to humans is known for FAT45176. Based on the available information, FAT45176 is not classified as having CMR properties, nor does it show other evidence of toxicities based on sub-chronic toxicity or chronic toxicity studies in animals.   

Thus, the substance is considered neither PBT nor vPvB.