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The substance is a pale yellow, viscous liquid at 20 °C; no melting/freezing point or boiling point occurs between -70 °C and 228.98 °C at which point decomposition of the substance occurs.

The relative density of the substance is 1.2336 at 20 °C.

The substance is not marketed or used as a solid as it is a liquid at least between -70 °C and 228.98 °C, so it is not necessary to examine granulometry experimentally.

The vapour pressure of the substance is considered to be negligible.

Water solubility of the substance is at least 5 g/mL and it is considered completely soluble in water.

The octanol-water partition coefficient of the substance is expected to be log POW = ca. -1.1 based on a weight of evidence evaluation.

The surface tension of the substance is 70.2 mN/m at 20 °C ± 0.1 °C and 1g/L.

There is no flash point at least up to 85 °C, and a flash point at higher temperatures is not expected.

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