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Short-term toxicity to fish: LC50 (Poecilia reticulata, 96 h) > 100 mg/L (nominal)

Short-term toxicity to aquatic invertebrates: EC50 (Daphnia magna, 48 h) > 100 mg/L (nominal)

Toxicity to aquatic algae: ErC50 (Desmodesmus subspicatus, 72 h) > 100 mg/L (nominal)

Toxicity to microorganisms: EC50 (3 h) > 1000 mg/L

Additional information

Analytical determination of concentration in water:

The experimental studies on aquatic toxicity performed on the substance (short-term (96 h) toxocity to fish (OECD 203), short-term toxicity to Daphnia magna (OECD 202), short-term toxicity to algae (OECD 201) and activated sludge respiration inhibition test (OECD 209)) were performed without analytical determination of test item concentration in water. The reason for this is related to the character of the test item, which is difficult to quantify experimentally in water due to its transparency and similar properties to water. However, the substance is considered completely water soluble (water solubility is at least 5000 g/mL without phase separation) and stability is expected to be high, therefore, nominal concentations should be considered relevant for the abovementioned aquatic toxicity tests.


According to the CLP Regulation (EC n. 1272/2008), Part 4: Environmental Hazards, substances can be classified for hazardous to the aquatic environment when the following criteria are met:

A) Acute (short-term) aquatic hazard Category Acute 1: 96 hr LC 50 (for fish) and/or 48 hr EC 50 (for crustacea) and/or 72 or 96 hr ErC 50 (for algae or other aquatic plants) ≤ 1 mg/l.

B) Long-term aquatic hazard (iii) Substances for which adequate chronic toxicity data are not available and the substance is not rapidly degradable and/or the experimentally determined BCF ≥ 500 (or, if absent, the log K ow ≥ 4):

Category Chronic 1: 96 h LC50 (fish) and/or 48 h EC50 (invertebrates) and/or 72 or 96 h ErC50 (algae/other aquatic plants) ≤ 1 mg/L;

Category Chronic 2: 96 h LC50 (fish) and/or 48 h EC50 (invertebrates) and/or 72 or 96 h ErC50 (algae/other aquatic plants) > 1 to ≤ 10 mg/L;

Category Chronic 3: 96 h LC50 (fish) and/or 48 h EC50 (invertebrates) and/or 72 or 96 h ErC50 (algae/other aquatic plants) > 10 to ≤ 100 mg/L.


The test item is not rapidly degradable, and the available acute toxicity tests to fish, invertebrates and aquatic algae fixed effect levels that do not meet the criteria related to the hazard categories for acute and chronic aquatic toxicity. Therefore, the substance is not classified for aquatic toxicity according to the CLP Regulation (EC) 1272/2008.