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Total tonnage band

Total range:
≥ 10 to < 100 tonnes


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Joint Submission

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Chemical safety assessment

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Registrants / suppliers of the substance open all close all

Registrant / Supplier Registered Updated
Central Glass Czech s.r.o. Evropská 859/115a 160 00 Praha6 Czech Republic 2022
Chemical Inspection & Regulation Service Limited Regus Harcourt Centre D02 HW77 Dublin Ireland 2018
CHEMICAL INSPECTION & REGULATION SERVICE LIMITED (data owner) Regus Harcourt Centre D02 HW77 Dublin Ireland 2018 2020
CRCP GmbH Am Römerhof 51 60486 Frankfurt am Main Germany 2018

Registration Numbers open all close all

  • 01-2120769516-43-0001
  • 01-2120769516-43-0002
  • 01-2120769516-43-0003
  • 01-2120769516-43-0004
  • 01-2120769516-43-XXXX

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