Registration Dossier

Diss Factsheets

Administrative data

First-aid measures

Inhalation: Move to fresh air. Seek medical attention if you feel unwell or if exposure prolonged.
Skin contact: Remove contaminated clothing. Wash affected skin with soap and plenty of water. Seek medical attention.
Eye contact: Rinse immediately with plenty of water for at least 10 minutes. Seek medical attention.
Ingestion: Wash out mouth with water. Drink plenty of water.
Advice for the doctor: Symptomatic treatment.

Fire-fighting measures

Fire extinguishing agents: Waterspray, foam, powder, carbon dioxide.
Restrictions: No restrictions.
Fire/explosing hazard: None.
Main combustion gas: Carbon-, nitrogen- and sulfur-oxides, some hydrogen chloride.
Personal protection: Self contained breathing apparatus.

Accidental release measures

Personal protection: Goggles, gloves, respiratory protection.
Environmental precausions: Prevent entry into drains and surface waters.
Spillage procedure: Damp down. Avoid dust. Scoop into marked containers for disposal as chemical waste.

Handling and storage

Occupational hygiene: Avoid ingestion, inhalation, skin and eye contact. Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene practice and any legal requirements.
Fire precaution: No special measures required.
Storage facilities: Store in a cool dry area with adequate ventilation.
Segregation: no special precautions.
Storage conditions: Keep containers closed.

Transport information

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Marine transport (UN RTDG/IMDG)

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Additional transport information

Additional information
Special provisions / remarks / other:
Keep away from foodstuffs.
Not classified as dangerous goods.

Exposure controls / personal protection

Components with occupational exposure limits: None. Ensure adequate ventilation.
General personal protection: Goggles, gloves and respiratory protection.
Respiratory protection: Filter P3.
Hand protection: Chemical resistant protective gloves (EN 374).
Recommended: permeation time >30 min. (level 2), material e.g. butyl or neopren. Observe glove manufacturers instructions.
Eye protection: Tightly fitting safety goggles.

Stability and reactivity

Conditions to avoid: no dangerous reactions known.
Materials to avoid: None.
Hazardous decomposition products None under normal storage conditions.

Disposal considerations

Product disposal: Incineration. Observe local regulations.
Contaminated packaging: Contaminated, empty containers must be disposed of as a chemical waste.