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the substance is not PBT / vPvB

The degradation rate of Resorcinol diacetate did reach 60% within the 10-day window. Therefore, Resorcinol diacetate is considered to be readily biodegradable.

The logarithmic octanol-water partition coefficient (log Kow) for 1,3-Diacetoxybenzene was predicted using the QSAR calculation of the Estimation Program Interface (EPI) Suite v 4.11. The log Kow was estimated to be 1.87. The predicted value can be considered reliable yielding a useful result for further assessment.

For Resorcindiacetat one chronic study with the freshwater algae Desmodesmus subspicatus was performed. In this study a NOEC of 8.3 mg/L was found exceeding the threshold value of 0.01 mg/L.

Accordingly Resorcindiacetat is neither PBT nor vPvB.