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Administrative data

First-aid measures

-General information: By the temperature of up to 80°C exists the danger of burns
-After inhaling: Not applicable for waste water, zinc sulfate electrolytic acid
-After skin contact: Remove dirty clothing. Rinse affected skin areas with cold running water. If signs of burns, call a doctor
-After eye contact: Rinse eyes with open lids with generous quantities of water for at least 15 minutes; call an eye specialist
-After swallowing: After swallowing rinse the mouth with generous quantities of water; call a doctor
-Instructions for the doctor: -

Fire-fighting measures

-Suitable extinguishers: all
-For safety reasons unsuitable extinguishers: none
-Particular danger from the substance, its combustion products or resulting gases: Waste water, zinc sulfate electrolytic, acid burns not. After evaporation of the liquid, sulfur trioxide is produced above 600°C
-Special protective equipment for fire-fighting: use independent ventilated breathing protection if waste water, zinc sulfate electrolytic, acid can evaporate

Accidental release measures

-Person-related precautionary measures: use protective glasses
-Environmental measures: Do not permit the product to enter water bodies. If necessary, warn extractors of drink, cooling water
-Process to clean/ absorb: dam small quantities with lime and pump them out of calcium. Call experts for greater volumes.
-Additional information: -

Handling and storage

Information on safe handling: Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothes. Use safety gloves and safety glasses
Information on fire and explosion protection: No special protection measurements
Requirements for storage rooms and containers: Make only use of authorized containers. Observe elevated temperature of the material.
Information for storage with other materials: No special requirements
Further details on storage conditions: None
Storage classification: 12 (following VCI storage classification)

Transport information

Land transport (UN RTDG/ADR/RID)

UN number:
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Marine transport (UN RTDG/IMDG)

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Exposure controls / personal protection

-Personal protective equipment:
General protective and hygienic measures: Do not eat drink or smoke when working with it. Also, do not let it touch packaged foods.
Respiratory protection: not necessary in the case of product in supplied state
Hand protection: use liquid impermeable gloves (BGR 195)
Eye protection: Protective glasses
Body protection: No particular measures necessary in the case of product in supplied state.

Stability and reactivity

-Conditions to be avoided: to heat above the decomposition point
-Substances to be avoided: none
-Dangerous decomposition products: sulfur trioxide
-Additional information: Zinc sulfate decomposes above 600°C to zinc oxide and sulfur trioxide

Disposal considerations

Recommendation: bind of smaller quantities with liquid binding material (eg sand, sawdust, lime) and dispose residue as hazardous waste. With bigger quantities seek for advise from specialists (eg manufacturer)
Waste code: 06 03 14
Waste name: solid salts and solutions with the exception of those classified under 06 03 11 or 06 03 13
Special features of biomonitoring: none
Recommendation: not applicable because delivery takes place in tank trucks
Waste code: -
Waste name: -