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The 96 hour LC50 in rainbow trout was 528 µg a.i./L with a 95 %. The 96 hour NOEC was 143 µg a.i./L.

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Fresh water fish

Fresh water fish
Effect concentration:
528 µg/L

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The toxicity potential of the test material to the freshwater fish Oncorhynchus mykiss was investigated in accordance with the standardised guideline EPA OPPTS 850.1075 under GLP conditions. The study was awarded a reliability score of 1 in accordance with the criteria set forth by Klimisch et al. (1997).

The definitive toxicity test was conducted under flow-through conditions at 12 ± 2 °C with five concentrations of test substance, a dilution water control and a solvent control (0.10 mg/L dimethylformamide).  The solvent control received 0.1 mL/L dimethylformamide, the same concentration of solvent that was delivered to test vessels containing the highest concentration of DMBPC. Nominal concentrations were 0 (control and solvent), 160, 260, 430, 720 and 1200 µg a.i./L.

Twenty rainbow trout were randomly and equally distributed among two replicates of each treatment and control. The test was performed in 20-liter glass aquaria that contained 15 litres of test solution.

The numbers of surviving organisms, the occurrence of sub-lethal effects and the presence of insoluble material were determined visually and recorded after 0, 3, 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours. Dead test organisms were removed twice each day. 

Mean measured concentrations were: not detected at or above the limit of detection in the control and solvent control, 143, 258, 410, 681 and 1094 µg a.i./L

No mortality was observed for the first 48 hours. After 48 hours all fish in the top dose level were deceased. One fish in the 681 µg a.i./L dose group was also deceased. After 72 hours, the total number of dead fish at the 681 µg a.i./L dose level was 10. At 96 hours, all fish at this dose level were found to be deceased.

The 96 hour LC50 was 528 µg a.i./L with a 95 % confidence interval of 410 to 681 µg a.i./L. The 96 hour NOEC was 143 µg a.i./L; this concentration of DMBPC resulted in 100 % survival and did not cause any sub-lethal effects.