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Overview of physico-chemical properties


Freezing/Melting temperatureEC A.1 OECD 102356°C 
Boiling temperature Waived: The melting point is above 300°C.Statement
DensityEC A.3 OECD 1092.34 at 23°C 
Particle size distribution (granulometry)OECD 110Light microscopic examination revealed that the Potassium chlorate sample contained a significantly amount of fine powder and no fibres. 
ISO 2591-1This observation is confirmed by sieving the sample over a 100 µm sieve. The majority of the product (78.3 m/m %) appeared to be < 100µm .
ISO 3310-1The characteristics of the PSD of the fraction < 100 µm are:
 Characteristics of the PSD
 d10 [µm] 2.2
 d50 [µm] 17.3
 d90 [µm] 74 
Vapour pressure Waived: The melting point is above 300°C. Statement
Partition coefficientRA from sodium chlorate (CAS:7775 -09 -9)log Kow < -2 
Water solubilityEC A.6OECD 10569.9 g/l 
Surface tension Waived:based on the structure, surface activity is not expected and surface activity is not a desired property of the material.Statement
Flash-point Waived: The study cannot be conducted because the substance is an inorganic solid. Statement
Auto flammability   
EC A.16no relative self-ignition temperature
FlammabilityEC A.10

Not Flammable solid

No pyrophoric, self-heating properties and no reaction with water are anticipated

Explosive propertiesEC A.14 / DSC screeningWaived based on screening DSC test, not explosiveStatement
Oxidizing propertiesEC A.21 / screening testOxidizing, Cat.1
Stability in organic solvents and identity of relevant degradation products Waived: The study does not need to be conducted if the substance is inorganic. Statement
Dissociation constant Waived: Chlorate decomposes on acidification.Statement
Estimated pKa = -1 to -3 due to its strong acidity.
Viscosity Waived: Potassium chlorate is a solid substance. Testing viscosity is therefore technically not feasible.Statement


For CLP there are additional data requirements that are not covered by REACH:

Gases under pressure



Reaction with water

Self-reactive substances and mixtures

Corrosive against metals

 organic peroxide

Waiving, not a gas

Waiving, not a pyrophoric

Waiving, no reaction with water anticipated

Waiving, because the substance is a pure oxidizing solid

Data available, Conclusive but not sufficient for classification.

waiving, not an organic peroxide