Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive, Annex I: Discharge requirements

This list contains requirements for (1) discharges from urban waste water treatment plants (Annex I, Table 1), and (2) discharges to sensitive areas (Annex I, Table 2), under Directive 91/271/EEC.

Total nitrogen

EC / List no: - CAS no: -
15 mg/l
Molecular absorption spectrophotometry
Minimum reduction
80.0 %

70.0 %

10000 - 100000 p.e.
3 Total nitrogen means the sum of total Kjeldahl nitrogen (organic and ammoniacal nitrogen) nitrate-nitrogen and nitrite-nitrogen.

4 These values for concentration are annual means as referred to in Annex I, paragraph D.4(c). However, the requirements for nitrogen may be checked using daily averages when it is proved, in accordance with Annex I, paragraph D.1, that the same level of protection is obtained. In this case, the daily average must not exceed 20 mg/l of total nitrogen for all the samples when the temperature from the effluent in the biological reactor is superior or equal to 12 °C. The conditions concerning...

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