UK-based REACH registrant

Only an EU/EEA-based company can register a substance under the REACH Regulation. If your company is based in the UK and has registered a substance under REACH, the registration will no longer exist after the end of the transition period. This also means that you will no longer have to update the REACH registration dossier after the transition period expires.

If you want to continue doing business in the EU/EEA after the transition period ends, you have the option of appointing an only representative to manage your registrations. You also have the option of moving your operations related to the registered substance to a legal entity within the EU.

A registrant is responsible for the substances covered by their registrations. This means that the responsible staff and relevant documentation must be present at the address of the registrant – setting up a company on paper only in the EU or EEA is not sufficient.

CLP notification - exporting substances to EU countries

If you want to export substances to the EU after the transition period ends, your products will still have to comply with the EU regulations, including the CLP Regulation. This means that you will need to classify and label your products accordingly. However, you will no longer need to submit notifications to the C&L Inventory – this will have to be done by the importing company in the EU.

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