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Waste Framework Directive - SCIP database

Tools for preparing and submitting information

Which tools will be available for preparing and submitting information to the SCIP database?
ECHA will make available the submission tools for preparing and submitting information to the SCIP database. The submissions to the SCIP database can be prepared in the most suitable way, depending on your specific business needs and your IT systems:
- Online in IUCLID Cloud;
- Offline in IUCLID;
- Using a IUCLID-compatible dedicated format for SCIP submissions in your company’s own system.
The information to the SCIP database (dossiers) can be submitted through the ECHA Submission portal in one of two ways:
- Online through the ECHA Submission portal;
- Through a system-to-system (S2S) transfer from the company’s own system to the ECHA Submission portal for submissions (dossiers) created in your own system.
Who will perform validation checks on the information contained in my dossier?
Besides an automated data validation, ECHA does not perform any other checks  on the dossiers submitted to the portal. However, ECHA’s IT tools allow you to validate your own information before you submit in a validation report. Regardless of the support offered by ECHA’s automated validation tool, it will not replace the quality or adequacy of the information submitted which will remain responsibility of duty holders.

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