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R4BP 3


What is the difference between an asset owner and a case owner?

In the R4BP 3 context, an asset is a positive regulatory decision on an application (with a unique asset number). This decision is related to either an active substance (e.g. a decision on technical equivalence or the approval of an active substance) or a biocidal product (e.g. a national authorisation or a Union authorisation).

The asset owner is the legal entity in whose name an application or notification is made under the Biocidal Products Regulation i.e. in the case of an application for a product authorisation, the asset owner will be the product authorisation holder. If the asset owner does not appoint a representative, the asset owner and the case owner can be the same.

The case owner is the legal entity that submits an application through R4BP 3 and follows it through its processing. This could be either the future asset owner or a third party, such as a consultant.

How do I indicate that the asset owner will be different to the case owner?

If the asset owner is different to the case owner i.e. a representative or consultant is appointed, you need to specify the identity of the asset owner when you submit a new application. You can do this in Step 1 of the application wizard, under "Asset owner details". If the case owner is different from the asset owner, the former will need to enter the asset owner UUID during the submission of an application/notification through R4BP 3.

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