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Technical questions on EUSES

Will EUSES 2.2.0 be updated in case of changes to ESDs and TAB?
EUSES 2.2.0 reflects the agreements on exposure assessment in effect at the beginning of 2019. Any change to exposure scenarios will be included in a new ECHA tool which will merge CHESAR and EUSES and which will be developed over the coming years. Until the new tool is available, if different default values are agreed on, you need to overwrite them in EUSES. We will also update the Excel files on the ECHA ESD webpage in case of major changes in the scenarios (ECHA ESD webpage https://echa.europa.eu/en/guidance-documents/guidance-on-biocides-legislation/emission-scenario-documents).
Can I import a file from the previous version of EUSES?
Only a very limited part of the information will be imported into EUSES 2.2.0. You can find more details in Section 3.2 of the 'Practical guide: How to use EUSES 2.2.0' (available on the EUSES webpage https://echa.europa.eu/support/dossier-submission-tools/euses)

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