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Release module

Is it still possible to fill in the Elocal values?
Yes, it is still possible. However, in certain scenarios you may need to select the value for some parameters (to better define the scenario) before the Elocal field in the output tab becomes editable. For example, after selecting the scenario (1) Human hygiene, you still need to select a value for ‘use tonnage or consumption-based approach’ in order for the fields “local emission to wastewater” and “local emission to air” to become editable. Note also that in EUSES 2.2.0, default emission scenarios are provided which may be used to cover new uses.
Are direct releases calculated for the tonnage based scenarios?
The calculation of direct releases is only implemented for the consumption based approach. You can find more details on the 'Practical guide: How to use EUSES 2.2.0' (available on the EUSES webpage https://echa.europa.eu/support/dossier-submission-tools/euses ).
Where can I find the equations implemented in the release module in EUSES 2.2.0?
The calculations are implemented according to the respective ESD and agreements published in the TAB. However, for most of the product types you can find the equations in the Excel files published on the ECHA ESD webpage https://echa.europa.eu/en/guidance-documents/guidance-on-biocides-legislation/emission-scenario-documents . For PT 11 you can find the equations in the EUSES 2.1 model calculations III available through the EUSES webpage https://echa.europa.eu/support/dossier-submission-tools/euses.

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