IT screening campaigns on dossiers

ECHA takes actions to improve the quality of information in registration dossiers aiming to fulfil its first strategic objective "maximising the availability of high-quality data to enable the safe manufacture and use of chemicals". As part of these actions, ECHA has used the experience gained from evaluating registration dossiers and translated frequent shortcomings into computerised algorithms that can be used to screen the whole database. This gives the Agency a better overview of the quality of the registration data and helps to address the found inconsistencies more efficiently.

The results of the initial screenings are communicated to registrants through informal letters, which also provide advice on how to fix the potential inconsistencies. The Agency expects that companies will take these letters seriously and spontaneously update their registrations addressing the highlighted concerns, as well as using this knowledge to avoid repeating the issues in further submissions. These letters are an opportunity for companies to improve their dossiers before ECHA puts in place legally binding measures such as compliance checks.


REACH allows intermediates manufactured and used under strictly controlled conditions to be registered with reduced information on their properties and without a chemical safety report. Workers, consumers or the environment may be adversely exposed to substances registered as intermediates that do not fulfil the definition of intermediates and/or strictly controlled conditions and for which information on their hazards and risks is missing in the registration dossier. For this reason ECHA is actively verifying the compliance of these types of dossiers.


Supporting material

Substance identification

Correct and consistent substance identification (SID) is the basis for all REACH processes. It is the obligation of each registrant to provide a detailed characterisation of the identity of the substance they manufacture or import; this responsibility cannot be solely on the lead of the joint submission in the substance information exchange forum (SIEF).

The annual progress reports on evaluation under REACH point to substance identification as one of the most frequent shortcomings in registrations submitted to the Agency. ECHA has therefore conducted an IT-based screening on required information elements for substance identity of all REACH registrations.