Registration Process

Manufacturers and importers of substances at one tonne per year or more must collect information on the properties of those substances and communicate this information to ECHA through a registration dossier. There are two initial routes for registering a substance with ECHA, through 1) an inquiry or 2) a late pre-registration. You need to determine which route is appropriate to you. You can determine this using the information below and the relevant manuals, Q&As and guidance found on this page. Following the decision about which route to take you will then be required to prepare and submit a registration to ECHA, either jointly or individually. A registration must be within a joint submission when the same substance is manufactured or placed on the market by more than one company. Further information on registering your substance, either individually or jointly, can be found on this page. For an outline of what happens following the submission of your registration dossier, please go to After registration which outlines what happens to the information contained in your dossiers following registration and your role in communicating this information throughout the supply chain.

If you have a recognised notification number under Directive 67/548/EEC (also called NONS), you can find information below on how to claim your REACH registration number without submitting a registration dossier to ECHA.



Pre-registering your substance

To benefit from an extended registration deadline, you can submit a late pre-registration to ECHA. You can submit a late pre-registration for a phase-in substance within six months after the manufacturing or placing on the market of the substance that exceeds the one-tonne per year threshold and no later than twelve months before the next relevant registration deadline (next deadline is 31st May 2018). Late pre-registration does NOT apply to companies that failed to meet the pre-registration deadline for phase-in substances between 1 June 2008 and 1 December 2008.

Late pre-registrations are submitted online through REACH-IT.  When submitting a late pre-registration, if you have used the same substance name or numerical chemical identifier(s), such as EINECS or CAS numbers, REACH-IT automatically places you in the same pre-SIEF (pre-Substance Information Exchange Forum) allowing you to identify other companies with potentially the same substance. You will then decide, based on a detailed consideration of the substance identity, whether the substance is indeed the same and proceed to form a SIEF.



Preparing and submitting an inquiry

Before registering, you have a duty to prepare and submit an inquiry to ECHA for 1) all non-phase-in substances and 2) phase-in substances that have not been pre-registered. The inquiry process will take place before manufacturing or placing on the market.

You must also inform ECHA of the additional information you require to update your registration due to a tonnage band increase.

After processing an inquiry, ECHA facilitates the contact between you and the previous and/or potential registrants to enable data sharing and joint submission.

Preparing an inquiry dossier with IUCLID

  1. Create the dossier with the latest version of IUCLID..
  2. Use the IUCLID Validation Assistant plug-in to detect any missing information and pre-check certain ‘Business Rules'.
  3. Submit your inquiry dossier through REACH-IT.

For further information, please see Manual: How to prepare an inquiry dossier.


Registering your substance

Potential registrants of substances (at one tonne or more per year), are required to prepare and submit a registration dossier to ECHA. Please note that you need to keep your registration dossiers up to date whenever relevant information is available to your company.

A dossier can be prepared using the latest version of IUCLID and submitted through REACH-IT. However, if you are a joint submission member (not the lead registrant), you can prepare your registration online directly in REACH-IT.

Preparing and submitting a dossier

  1. Read the Manual: How to prepare registration and PPORD dossiers.
  2. Enter the required information in IUCLID to complete your substance dataset.
  3. You can use the Chesar tool to carry out your chemical safety assessment and generate your chemical safety report (CSR), if relevant.
  4. When your substance dataset is complete, create the final registration dossier following the Dossier Creation wizard in IUCLID.
  5. Use the IUCLID Validation Assistant plug-in to detect any missing information and pre-check certain ‘Business Rules'.
  6. Use the IUCLID dissemination  preview plug-in to see what information from your dossier will be published by ECHA.
  7. Apply the IUCLID fee calculator plug-in to estimate the fee associated with your registration.
  8. Export the dossier from IUCLID and submit it via REACH-IT.


Preparing and submitting a joint submission

A joint submission will consist of two or more potential registrants who manufacture or place on the market the same substance. To prepare for a joint submission, potential registrants have a duty to form a Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) to share data on the intrinsic properties of the substance they intend to jointly submit to ECHA and agree if possible, on the classification and labelling of the substance.

It is up to the potential registrants to decide on the lead registrant, who will submit their registration well before the registration deadline. Members of the same joint submission will also submit registrations, but only after the lead registrant's dossier has passed the business rules verification step in REACH-IT in the submission process.

When ECHA has fully processed the lead registrant's dossier and confirmed the payment of the relevant registration fee, the lead registrant will receive a registration number. Member registrants will separately receive their registration numbers when the member dossiers are considered complete by ECHA.


Requesting a registration number for NONS

A REACH registration number can be claimed for a substance with a recognised notification number under Directive 67/548/EEC (also called NONS).

To get this registration number, you must first sign-up to REACH-IT using the appropriate REACH-IT account, i.e., domestic manufacturer, importer or only representative (known as sole representative under Directive 67/548/EEC). ECHA will then assign registration numbers to all notifications and distributes them via REACH-IT upon request of the notification's owner.

Requesting a registration number for a notified substance

The following details in the REACH-IT module will be requested from you:

  • Notification and ELINCS numbers of the notified substance.
  • Notifier's name, city and country exactly as specified in the notification (section 0.2.10 of the Summary Notification Interchange Format (SNIF) file).
  • If relevant: individual letters or contracts from the non-EU manufacturer you represent declaring that you have been appointed to be their only representative under REACH for the notified substance. The letters should be in pdf format and written in one of the EU languages.
  • If relevant: letter or contract from the previous sole representative under Directive 67/548/EEC, declaring that they will no longer act as sole representative and that they agree to transfer their duties to you as the newly appointed only representative under REACH for the notified substance. The letters should be in pdf format and written in one of the EU languages.

Please note: Provided that your details specified in REACH-IT match those of the notification, REACH-IT will automatically provide the registration number. If the details do not match, REACH-IT will not grant any registration number and the notifier will have to contact the relevant Member State competent authority to clear-up the situation.

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