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Here you can find all of the regulations and regulatory lists in which this substance appears, according to the data available to ECHA. This substance has been found in the following regulatory activities (directly, or inheriting the regulatory context of a parent substance):

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Name EC / List no. CAS no. Association
Calcium chlorate 233-378-2 10137-74-3 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Cadmium chlorate - 22750-54-5 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Magnesium chlorate 233-711-1 10326-21-3 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Zinc chlorate 233-804-7 10361-95-2 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Potassium chlorate 223-289-7 3811-04-9 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Sodium chlorate 231-887-4 7775-09-9 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Silver chlorate 232-034-9 7783-92-8 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Strontium chlorate 232-239-3 7791-10-8 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Lithium chlorate 236-632-0 13453-71-9 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Barium chlorate 236-760-7 13477-00-4 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Iron trichlorate 237-824-7 14013-71-9 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Copper dichlorate 238-767-0 14721-21-2 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Aluminium chlorate 239-499-7 15477-33-5 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Nickel dichlorate 267-897-0 67952-43-6 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Barium chlorate, monohydrate 680-417-8 10294-38-9 Expert judgement (ECHA)
Ammonium chlorate 233-468-1 10192-29-7 Expert judgement (ECHA)