Companies planning to register a non-phase-in (new) substance or phase-in (existing) substance that has not been pre-registered, have a duty to inquire with ECHA whether a registration has already been submitted for that substance.

Similarly, ECHA should be informed through inquiry of additional information required to update a registration due to a tonnage band increase. However, if no additional information is required for an update of a registration, an inquiry should not be submitted.

Companies planning to register a phase-in substance are encouraged to check if they can still pre-register it and benefit from the extended registration deadlines.

Inquiry dossier

To submit an inquiry, potential registrants need to prepare an electronic inquiry dossier. When preparing the dossier, specific attention should be paid to the substance identity information. This information should clearly describe the manufactured or imported substance.

Potential registrants need to wait for the result of the inquiry before submitting the registration or starting any tests on vertebrate animals. ECHA checks the substance identity to identify companies who have previously registered or inquired about the same substance and brings them  in contact with each other to share data and to submit a joint registration. ECHA also provides the inquiring company with a list of (robust) study summaries available to ECHA. 

The information submitted for the purposes of inquiry will not be published.

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